current artists using the AlphaSphere

Some of the most exciting names in the electronic music scene have been getting their hands on the AlphaSphere, and pushing it to its limits.  All of these acts are out playing the AlphaSphere live all over the world.  You can read about them here, listen to their music, check out the videos, find out about their next gigs and how you can get them to play somewhere near you by emailing us –



Talvin Singh

Urban Asian Underground

A master Tabla player, composer and producer, Talvin Singh has an innate understanding of the AlphaSphere. From recognising it as a key to explore both contemporary and indigenous musical languages, to the intricacy of its notational design. Talvins musical insight is infectious – though many say he creates new musical forms, it is simply an understanding that all music is part of one form which allows him to create at such a transcendental level.





House / Future Garage

Materia can probably lay claim to being the first active producer in the world to know about the AlphaSphere; having even tried the original concept AlphaSphere. With releases spanning multiple genres, Jan has a clear tenacity for electronic music, modelled sublimely by the fantastic ‘Atlas’.  Having played across the world with a myriad of different approaches, he is now interpreting his music around the ‘sphere.



Enter Shikari

Post-hardcore / Electronic

These boys are on a roll and we are delighted to see their creativity and punk spirit take the world by storm. Within only two weeks of getting an AlphaSphere Rou was opening ‘Solidarity’ with an AlphaSphere at Alexandra Palace and the ensuing circle pit was an experience like no other. With their fourth album upcoming, we can only anticipate what wonders this will hold and how far the exploration of the AlphaSphere can go.
Photo by Arkadiusz Goniwiecha





UK Bass / Dubstep

We met Koven in Bristol in early-2012.  Max impressed us, having a background playing live as a drummer, an ability as a producer, and a desire to push the bass sound forwards.  But it was when he told us he didn’t like DJing, as once he’d finished a set, he felt like he hadn’t really done anything, that we knew he had the makings of an AlphaSphere player.  Watch this space for some big releases, and big live shows.