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  • AlphaSphere is an internationally patented design and the name AlphaSphere is a registered trademark of nu desine - a registered company number 07367735.

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An expressive electronic musical instrument

The interaction design of the 48 tactile pads allows sound to be triggered and manipulated with subtlety. Each pad is pressure and velocity sensitive and fully compatible with MIDI polyphonic aftertouch.

Compatible with music production software

The AlphaSphere is MIDI compatible, so you can use it in conjunction with all existing music production software. It is also OSC compatible and can be enabled as a controller for lighting and visual applications.

Open to a myriad of musical styles

Designed with musicality in mind, a series of logical notational arrangements can be mapped around the spherical hexagonal lattice form, representing a departure from linear musical convention.

Compose, produce, perform

Explore the playing surface in combination with the accompanying software AlphaLive to unlock new musical ideas and your create own perfect ergonomic instrument. Enhance your musicianship.



  • 48 tactile pressure and velocity* sensitive pads
  • Ergonomic and spherical modular design
  • Hexagonal lattice pad layout, allowing for alternative notational arrangements
  • Responsive and configurable LED lighting
  • USB 2.0 connectivity and bus powered
  • Fully compatible with any MIDI software
  • Dimensions: 26cm(W) x 26cm(D) x 32cm(H)
  • Weighs approximately 3kg

*8 smallest pads are pressure sensitive only.



  • Custom software allows the device to be programmed to a highly customised level
  • Use as the devices MIDI mapping editor
  • Use to trigger, loop, and manipulate audio samples
  • Use to record and manipulate MIDI and audio step sequences
  • Convert pad data to OSC (Open Sound Control) messages
  • Comes with a 1GB library of audio loops and hits compiled by professional sample library companies
  • Program pads individually or by custom groups
  • Store up to 20 ‘scenes’ of pad settings within a single project
  • Open-source under the GNU General Public Licence v2.
  • Runs on both Mac OS X (10.5 and above) and Windows (XP SP3 and above)
  • Supports Core Audio, ASIO, WASAPI and DirectSound
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midi compatibility.

  • Each pad can can act as a key/trigger-pad or a fader/dial/mod-wheel/pitch-wheel, or both simultaneously
  • Map preset notational scales or layouts to the pads, or set notes to pads individually
  • Compatible with polyphonic aftertouch
  • Set the pressure of each pad to send polyphonic aftertouch, channel aftertouch, mod wheel, pitchbend, or a CC message
  • Supports multichannel MIDI, allowing multiple instruments to be played at the same time
  • MIDI Dynamic Channel Mode - allows individual MIDI channels to be dynamically applied to each pressed MIDI pad, allowing for polyphonic pitch-bend as well as completely polyphonic modulation of notes within software that doesn’t support poly aftertouch.

box contents.

  • 1 x AlphaSphere
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x AlphaLive installation disc
  • 1 x replacement pads ( pack of 5)

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Alpha Accessories.

bags and replacement pads

Replacement Discs.

pack of 5 replacement discs of different sizes.



Contents: L, M, S, XS and XS sizes.



Contents: M, S, S, XS and XS sizes.



Contents: S, S, XS, XS and XS sizes.



Contents: XS, XS, XS, XS and XS sizes.

AlphaSphere Bag.


safe and stylish transportation.