Sep 2013

In this tutorial video we demonstrate how you can use the AlphaSphere as a multichannel MIDI instrument with Apple’s Logic Pro X. The video covers three main topics – how to connect multichannel MIDI devices; how to assign individual MIDI channels to different virtual instruments; and how to map hardware MIDI CC controls to software parameters.

This tutorial follows on from the ‘Setting up the AlphaSphere as a Multichannel MIDI Instrument’ tutorial that runs through how to set up the AlphaLive project that is used in this video. View the tutorial by going to the following link:

view tutorial.

We have also made tutorials for a number of other popular DAW’s:
ableton live. cubase. fl studio. reason. studio one.

You can download the AlphaLive project used within this tutorial here:
studio one.

Tutorial by: Liam Lacey
Post Coordinator: Nick Tasche