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Types of Enterprise Software Solutions

It is hard for businesses to keep up with the changing trends in technology. Unfortunately, lagging behind mean losing customers and missing the opportunities to boost your productivity and maximize


Working With the AlphaSphere: A Few Tips

Featured Image from: sofreakingcool.com With any new radical instrument or performance system, a learning curve is anticipated. Despite its complicated-looking interface, the AlphaSphere is actually easy to use. With its


10 Instruments as Unique as the AlphaSphere

Featured Image from: Encyclotronic The AlphaSphere represents the next step in music evolution: it’s taken electronic music and turned it on its axis, creating a new way of expressing musical


An Introduction to the AlphaSphere

Featured Image from: Scan Pro Audio   DJ’s know the feeling: as fun as spinning and remixing is, it can get a little repetitive with a flat interface. Sometimes, all

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Is Your Project Ready for Deployment?

However, any developer has probably dealt with an unpredictable scenario at least once in their work life. No matter how much you think about potential problems before they come up,

Games you can play in your Lawn

Top Lawn Games You Should Try Today

Well before smartphone and video games became the go-to for fun, people who wanted to spend a leisurely afternoon with friends turned to lawn games. Not quite as exhilarating or

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Are Managed IT Services Really Costly?

All business owners are constantly on the lookout for the most competent service providers while increasing their margins and reducing costs. When it comes to an IT provider, you might


Types of WordPress Themes

The ultimate goal of a website is to get as many people as you can to visit it, whether you want to promote and sell your products and services, or inform