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Mortgage loan contract with key on top

What’s the Best Mortgage Term?

Deciding on a home loan term is one of the most important decisions you have to make when purchasing a house with a mortgage. The common terms are 15 and

Modern furnace setting panel.

Temperature Controls for Industries Explained

Most industrial operations need different sources of power. Regardless of their power source, the machines in your industry will generate different levels of heat. You need a control system for

coworking space

Coworking for Large and Small Businesses

Coworking and shared office spaces can significantly cut your overhead if appropriately used. Large corporations or big businesses can expand their operations and hire new personnel without the need for

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

Why Should You Aim for a 1031 Exchange?

Exchanging property can sound simple on paper—a buyer pays the amount required to gain ownership of a property—but given the wide variety of assets, liabilities, and ongoing developments in property

Businessman clicking an automation button

Types of Enterprise Software Solutions

It is hard for businesses to keep up with the changing trends in technology. Unfortunately, lagging behind mean losing customers and missing the opportunities to boost your productivity and maximize


Working With the AlphaSphere: A Few Tips

Featured Image from: sofreakingcool.com With any new radical instrument or performance system, a learning curve is anticipated. Despite its complicated-looking interface, the AlphaSphere is actually easy to use. With its


10 Instruments as Unique as the AlphaSphere

Featured Image from: Encyclotronic The AlphaSphere represents the next step in music evolution: it’s taken electronic music and turned it on its axis, creating a new way of expressing musical


An Introduction to the AlphaSphere

Featured Image from: Scan Pro Audio   DJ’s know the feeling: as fun as spinning and remixing is, it can get a little repetitive with a flat interface. Sometimes, all